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Joe Cloughley is a Product Designer who Codes

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Joe believes that great interactions can be discovered through code and by talking to users.

Joe currently works as a product designer at Figure Eight, designing intelligent solutions for the machine learning community. See his work below, download his Resume, or find him on Github.

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Work & Case Studies

Annotate Video 100x Faster

Product DesignUX Research

Helping data scientists track and annotate objects in raw video data to use as training data for machine learning models.

Label your data, synthetically

Product DesignUX Research

Helping machine learning scientists create models that predict text and image categories so that they can reduce the data that gets sent to the costly crowd for human judgments.

Telling A Story: The Wyndcroft School

Front-End DevelopmentVisual Design

The Wyndcroft School came to Finalsite for the creation of a new website to fulfill their marketing needs and to facilitate communication with students, families, and alumni.